Advanced Pricing won't work when UOMs in Item master are different.


Here is the situation.

We have an item setup with LB as the Primary UOM and TN as the Pricing UOM .
The conversion factor is 1 TN = 2000.0 LB

The item is setup in Advanced Pricing where the amount is the price (it will override the base price, if any). In this case, there is no base price set up for this item. tHE price for this item in the advanced pricing table is 34.51 per TN for a specific price group and payment instrument.

When we enter an order for a customer who is assigned to the price group for this price, JDE does not populate the unit price in the Sales Order Entry screen.
Another co-worker says it’s because the Primary UOM and the Pricing UOM have to be the same in the Item Master. It makes no sense to me, that JDE cannot pull the price when the UOM on the Order matches the Pricing UOM in the Item Master and we have pricing setup for that UOM

We are not allowed to change the UOMs in the Item master. Is there a way to get JDE to pull the price from the Advanced Pricing Table.

We are in A9.2

I figured it out. There is a field in the Distribution/Manufacturing Constants Table call UMB1. According to JDE's DD, this is "A value that specifies the unit of measure that the system uses for retrieving base prices and price adjustments during sales order processing. The system allows you to define your base prices in the Base Price table (F4106) and
price adjustments in the Adjustment Detail table (F4072) in various unit of measures."

In our system, there are 3 values in the UDC table (40/SU):

Primary UOM
1 Transaction UOM
2 Pricing UOM

Ours was a blank and we changed it to '2' and it works exactly as we need it to work.