Setting Stock Item as Non-Stock in Branch/Plant



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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone of you have tried setting one Stock Item as Non-Stock status (Stocking Type = 'N') in Item Branch. Same item may need to be configured as Stock (Stocking Type 'S') in other Branch/Plant. Can E1 support such unique configuration? What are the areas to watch out if this is do-able.

All input are welcome.

By the way, I'm aware that we can use different line type to procure stock item as Non-Stock purchase and expense out.
Nicholas - yes an item can be Non Stock in one branch and Stocked in another.
Typically Non Stock items do not require an Item Branch record, however you can have an Item Branch for an item and change the Stocking Type to N
Remember that it is the Line Type (rather than the Stocking Type) that controls whether a Purchase order line or sales order line updates Inventory.
You can set the Line Type also at the Item Branch level but remember that both P4310 and P4210 Purchase & Sales Order entry both have Processing Options to default the Line Type which need to be left blank if you want the Line Type to come from the Item Branch.
You can then order the same item against different branches and have it effect Inventory or not as the case may be.

Regards - Vic Clarke
Vic, thanks for sharing. I guess this is pretty odd way of configuration.