Serial Number as primary identifier for Equipment Master

Mick K

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We are in design phase of implementing Capital Asset Management in E1 9.2 for a customer with large fixed processing plant migrating from SAP.
There has been a lot of discussion around equipment identifiers and functional locations and we are investigating the option of using the Serial Number as the primary identifier for equipment items.

Who uses the Serial Number as the primary for equipment ? Can anyone share any experience of using the Serial Number as the primary identifier rather than the Unit Number ?

thanks in advance
We've used the Serial Number before for customers that have migrated from an existing solution that was using identifiers longer than 12 characters. We didn't hit any particular concerns along the way other than trying to fit a long identifier everywhere. Are they trying to fit the hierarchy in the identifier or do they just have long identifiers? If they're trying to include the hierarchy in the identifier then it would be worth continuing the debate as this approach causes more problems than it solves. If they are just trying to keep the same identifier now then not such a big deal.

Haven't had to migrate from SAP but have worked with SAP PM before so good luck with that one. Have the gotten over the lack of Equipment Classes yet or are they still complaining? :) And I can imagine the lack of Functional Locations is also causing some concern. In the end they will be better off embracing the JDE method of doing things than trying to jam SAP PM into JDE CAM.