E9.2 Exclude specific order types when doing A/R Credit check


We have a request from our Credit and Collections group to exclude a specific type of sales order from the total A/R outstanding. We manufacture specialty vehicles and those orders are vetted out prior to becoming an order. A customer can do business in other areas of the business for things such as part sales, service and equipment rental. These other areas are under different JDE company numbers but all share the saem parent number which is where credit limit is held. Most customers don't have a credit limit large enough for a unit order plus other types. Credit and collections manager woudl like to exclude unit orders from the total exposure when credit check is done. Has anyone had a similar situation and come up with a solution? We do have LOB on but unit orders, part sales, service and rental all credit check at the parent level. So far, the only things we have thought of is to take the unit company out of the parent level credit check and have it validate at LOB level or possibly create a new sold to customer number for unit orders. Not wanting to add custom logic so trying to workin within the functionality that JDE offer.

We are on E1 9.2 update 5.
Hi amcgreal5,

I haven't done this myself using standard JDE, but there is another thread that shows how user Mike Mackinnon could setup R42995 overnight to not update the SHOTOT totals on certain order types.

Hello! Do you know of way to exclude backlog of Open Sales Orders from Credit Check Process on order entry.