E9.2 Product Bundles - Different Item Number for same Underlying Inventory


Is there any way in JDE to define something like a "Product Bundle" where you can have two different Item Numbers for the same underlying inventory / item but with different number of units? For example if we want to sell either at the item level or the pallet level and to have different SKUs depending on how the item is ordered. The goal would be that the same underlying inventory shows up for both items.

Seibel for example does offer this functionality, as does QuickBooks Online (QBO).
Hi, I would suggest you take a look at Kit functionality where a Parent Item can be entered but then multiple Children Items (or just 1 pallet load of one child in your case) is physically picked & shipped. Availability is checked at the Child level and there are also options around how the Price is derived (from Parent or Child). And you can enter orders against the Parent Item SKU or the Child Item SKU.
I hope this helps.