E9.2 Country Of Origin - Same item manufactured in different countries


Looking for any advice or recommendations on how to handle the Country of Origin for an item that is manufactured in multiple countries overseas. We use JDE as a customer-facing portal so the same item number has to be used independently of the sourcing. Today we are manually updating the COO after the available inventory from A factory is gone to then place the order with the new factory which results in a long delay and loss of sale. This is becoming a common problem for many companies due to supply chain issues and global scarcity. Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.
Yeah. Oracle did a piss poor job of adding COO way back when. Took no thought of a single part being sourced from multiple countries.
Looked at this years ago. In JDEs architecture the logical place to capture this would be in the qty record (F41021) with Lot specific entries corresponding to the COO.
That was too big of a mod at the time so instead we captured the COO at PO receipt and stuffed it into the Item Ledger table (F4111) so users could At least see where the latest receipts had come from. Not a very good solution but one the users were willing to live with. Somehow we printed that on our pick/packing lists but for the life of me don’t remember how it determined which COO to select.
Item Master has a flag COORE COO required under Lot Processing tab. If you activate this the Item Branch Lot creation will expect COO.
May be you figured it out. Just 2 cents,