SAW Cache clear issue


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We are on TR 8.96.40, and uses Server Administration Workbench (SAW) for JAS Servers.

Usually, we clear the below caches if there is any update on user role revisions, new tasks added to JDE menu or especially if previous financial period is opened for adjustments ( audit or other adjustments)

Now, the issue begins. Usually we open the previous financial period in fat client. And users can use Fat Client's web to enter. BUT some times, some users can also enter using the server's web.

It gives headache as some tricky user's eagle eyes catches that the period is opened and they enter the transactions which spoil the previous period trial balance.

Is there any known issue in JAS for cache clearing ? How I can ensure that the period is not opened globally ?


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Try clear the Database Cache on the Enterprise Server. That's where the company info is being cached when accessed by business functions.

From a FAT client open WSJ , select the server and take the row exit to clear cache, and select database cache and hit OK. It may take a few seconds depending on how busy the server is at that time.

If your WSJ does not show you the intermediate screen to select the server but rather takes you directly to the submitted job view, then there should be a Form Exit called Advanced which will take you to the server selection screen.


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I'm not sure that the timing of clearing the cache is impacting your efforts to restrict the opening of previous periods. Here is my understanding of the situation, please correct me if I'm wrong.

To open a previous period you update the F0010 which is normally cached on the enterprise server. I don't think it is cached on the web server (JAS cache). If the cache is cleared, it will be repopulated from the table on the next call. Caches are also cleared when they expire. You seem to be relying on the cache expiry time by changing the data in the table and before the current F0010 cache expires do what needs to be done in the previous period. To me this is a very risky way of making these types of changes.

When we need to do this we wait till the quiet part of the day and re-open the previous period and do what is needed and then change it back again. There are limited people who can approve batches to post.

Other options are mentioned in


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Thanks Peter and Ice Cube.

Yes. Peter.
It always cache in the JAS also. But please let me try the WSJ method.