Sample File for Inventory Item Master Inbound Interoperability Transaction



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Help required for Sample Template Flat file required for Inventory Inbound Transaction File.

As I follow the standard configuration, I have the following values in my Flat File Cross-Reference Table (F47002)...
[b]Trans	Trans Description	        Dir Ind	        Description	Record Type	       Description	               File Name	          Flat File Name[/b]

JDEITEM	F4101 Process Item Master	1	        Inbound	        1        	               Header	                       F4101Z1	          C:\newtest.csv
JDEITEM	F4101 Process Item Master	1	        Inbound	        2	                       Detail	                      F4101Z1A	          C:\newtest.csv

With this configuration I get confused.
My understand is ...
By reading first line...
1. I should place my csv file in C:\ folder
2. The format of the C:\newtest.csv should match the columns of F4101Z1 file. That is, the first value in csv file should be USER ID, 2nd value - Batch Number and so on.

But I could not understand the second line, should I put the same file in F4101Z1A also ?

All comments/ suggestions are most welcomed.