Role x Menu in JDE


Hy guys, good morning.
I am new in JDE and I am developing a report wich must to show the following informations:

Role ID
"Father's task description|Son's task description"
Could you guys, please, give me a hand in this task? What table holds this information I need?

Congratulations on your first post and welcome to JDEList.

That is not an easy task! The minimum tables you will need are:

Security Workbench - F00950
Task Master - F9000
Task Relationships - F9001
Library List - User - F0092

You will need to know the relationships between each table and how to use each table to produce your report. I'm guessing that, since you needed the table names, you may need that information as well. You probably have a lot to learn. What is your JDE configuration (JDE apps and tools versions; platforms; database; etc.)

I haven't done this sort of report yet, but I know others have.

There are also, probably, 3rd party solutions. They will not be free and may be more than you need.
Thanks for the support.
I really have a lot to learn yet. It is my second month working with JDE and my third task at my new work.
My coworker said the JDE version is E900(Is he right?) and the database is Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production(after a select* from v$version;);
They told me to look at the R90351 report and create a new report based on this report. Do I need to study this report or to find theese tables(F00950, F9000, F9001 and F0092)?
Thanks, Felipe
You can browse the JDE tables thru UTB to check what data it contains. Study the record and kesy and how the records in table are related which will give you can idea of how your report layout should be. Once you have that study the report R90351 which will help you to design your own report.


Include the F9005 in the tables you use/consider. I endorse Chan's comments. Studying the R90351 may also provide insights on the relationships between some of the tables and indicate some business functions you may like to use.
Guys, good afternoon
Everything I needed was in R90351. I just had to change it a little. Thank you all for the support. You guys will see me a lot here asking for help, kkk.