1. E9.2 USER roles

    Hi Guys 1. I would like to know where i can get history table of changes made to a Role? 2. Does it show Show PC and IP of where a person was logged when changes were made?
  2. Olivia_Terrell

    Just curious.. How does everyone else test their security roles?

    I would love to find a way to actually be able to create test security roles and promote them in DEV to PY before getting them into PROD. Just curious--how does everyone else do it? Or does everyone just create a test role (like I do) and then copy the permissions from it onto the final...
  3. Use Role Security to control G/L Access

    I want to use ROLE security to control access to companies in the G/L. Essentially, I have a ROLE that I will apply ROW security to restricting access to ONLY one company. I will then assign this ROLE to all users in that company. This should restrict that user to only being able to see/edit...
  4. Role x Menu in JDE

    Hy guys, good morning. I am new in JDE and I am developing a report wich must to show the following informations: Role ID Menu APPL(Aplication) Version xxxxx "Father's task description|Son's task description" xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Could you guys, please, give me a hand in this task...
  5. creating a new user profile from existing profile

    when we copy user profile from existing profile then does role assigned to existing profile also gets copied or we have to manually add it to newly created may be dumb question but please help me out as i am new to will also clear my concept.thanks in advance.