Rogue Records in F4101, F3111


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Hi All,

In a customer's E91/DB2 for i system, we frequently find records have appeared in F4101 with IMITM=0 and no other details. These cause no noticeable problems and we just delete them.

On very rare occasions, a record appears in F3111 with WMUKID=0. This causes major problems requiring cleaning up - the longer it is there the worse the mess. So we have a DB2 trigger to delete immediately and email an alert.

But I wonder if anyone else has seen this and knows how they come to be? Is there is any way in a trigger to determine the application/function/ube that was in charge? I suspect not if it is a DB2 trigger - best you could do would be find the iSeries job number for the db server job, look that up in the iSeries logs and see what connected... but if that might be a dead end for interactive... A JDE trigger maybe could call a CBSFN that could find the information in lpBhvrCom but that sort of thing always seems hit and miss to me with differing results between UBE and APPL calls...

Any ideas?

I'm hoping the audit fields, PID JOBN etc could be used to help you narrow it down.

PID should have the object that wrote them
if you have Audit turned on F4101 or F3111, it is easy to narrow down from where and which user these records are processing.
Hi John - unfortunately most of the record is zeroes and blanks. Nothing in the audit fields. The COBY column is C - indicates that this is a manufacturing process...