Retrieve PDF files from the server


Hello all,

I have a bunch of PDF files on a server...each file is associated to an employee. I've created a table with the employee AB#, and the files that is associated to that employee.

The problem we are having do we retrieve this file so the employee can either view or save (much the same functionality as WSJ would do with a UBE).

Presently I have these files on my enterprise server, under a directory structure I have created.

What I have envisioned for this:

The employee opens up a screen, there is a link on the screen that the employee can click.
Once clicked a windows message box opens up (or something similar to it) and prompts the user to either save, open or cancel.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks for your help!


EnterpriseOne 9.1 Tools release
Web Server is on a Sun box running WebSphere 7.0
Enterprise server is on a Linux box running on RedHat 6
Hi go_pre,

Why don't attach the files as media object? with standard functionality you can open, save or cancel... else you could open WSJ object, see as work and try reply...

From your previous thread:

What I'd like to so is a Hyper link on the screen so the user can click on it and then you get the windows message (or something similar) that prompt you to either save, open or close.

To provide a link, the files on the server must be accessible from a web server. If you can get to the file through a URL, you can add that URL as a media object or provide a link on the screen using Cafe1.