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With the move to rationalize the Forum and Mailing List, can we get rid of the problem where by some Replies to Post start a new thread. I do a mix of posting - sometime to the Forum and sometimes via the Mailing List, and most go fine. However occasionally when I reply to a post (using the good old Outlook Reply) a new tread is started.

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Hi Carl,
Glad to read that you take care of this issue.

Always check your "To:" address when you send a new post or reply.
Never send post to the "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" just to "[email protected]" (OneWorld Developers List) or "[email protected]" (OneWorld List).

If somebody send a post to the "ML" type address then it won't be appear on the Forum but everybody will receive it as e-mail. Therefor everybody who replies this e-mail will start a new thread on the Forum with her/his reply.

Thanks to our great support Eric /w3timages/icons/cool.gif, this problem will be solved soon. Please, see Eric's announcement on the Developers Forum:
From: Eric
Subject: JDEList Mailing List Changes
Sent: 7/26/01 10:53 AM


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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)