Get Specs for a new Table on a Server Automatically


E1: 9.2
DAS (ReportsNow): 7

Here's the scenario we run into often.

Developers create a table, push the specs up to our DV/PY environments.

Our CNCs have to go into each of our 10 DAS (8 DAS Servers, 2 Automators) servers, log in to DV920, go to OMW, find the project, and perform a get. Repeating those steps for PY920 as well.

We also have a Train environment and a PD environment. So that means between all those pushes our CNCs have to log in 40 times to these DAS servers between DV and PD. (4 times per server, 10 Servers)

From what I'm understanding this has to be done in order for a new table to be recognized on the Reports Now Servers, and users able to access them. I'm not sure if we can help the CNCs with this or not, but I wanted to reach out to see if anyone has done something about this.

From DAS Support:

Cannot open JDE table in Data Access Studio.
Please make sure that the table exists in the datasourse the user(s) is selecting.
If this is a new custom table, you need to generate the table before downloading the E1 update package on the DAS server.
When performing a fat Client install or applying a JDE update package, please follow this procedure (as documented in the DAS Admin guide)

  1. Schedule update off-hours.
  2. Notify users of update.
  3. At the time of the update:
  4. From Windows click Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services
  5. Stop the Data Access Studio Service. Once stopped, users will not be able to log into DAS (which is what you want for this stage).
  6. Run Task Manager. Stop any running DASWorker.exe process.
  7. Apply the update package. Alternatively, you can log in to Object Management Workbench and do a "Get" on the new and changed object specifications. This is especially useful if there are only a handful of changes.
  8. Start the Data Access Studio Service. Start the DAS Automator Service

**Please note: If it's only one table, you can try doing a GET through OMW for that specific table from the E1 client install that is installed on the DAS web server.
We used to have a commercial tool for this - HotDeploy. We took it down once WEB client became the norm and the demand for it dwindled, but we can resurrect it for this case if need be. Please contact me off-list if you are interested...
you could automate package builds and deploys for each night or once per week if that's enough and then just deploy update/full packages?
how often do you have to do this?