A/P As Of for the same date differs

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I'm comparing an "A/P AS OF", R04423, for July 31, 2016, run on Aug 1, 2016.
to the same report, and "As Of Date" where the date file and report were generated today
but still with an "As Of" date on July 31.

The dollar amounts between the two reports are different.
The total open on the report run on 8/1 is $102,000+ higher
than that I'm running today.

I'm at a loss as to how this can be.

I've tried searching these forums and my oracle support without luck.

Experience has taught me that if I post the question here,
I stand a good chance of finding my answer before someone can reply
"Frosty, you dolt, didn't you think of ..."

However, I'm still throwing the question of "how can this occur" out to the list.
If you have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to "dolt" me
as I'm not seeing the forest due to the trees.

Frosty the dolt...
I don't know if you are still looking at this, but, in my organization, we rarely actually close the A/P period on the last day of the month. In our company it would be very possible for something to occur early the next month that would change the previous month. A check could have been cut on August 1st but dated July 31st or something that was on the original report could have been voided before July was actually closed. Those would be my first two guesses for your situation. Also, you don't mention it, but the R04901A might not have been run before the R04423 was run on August 1st. That could have caused a problem as well. The R04901A updates the files that the R04423 run off. Does one or the other report tie to the July 31st G/L balance on your A/P account?
Verify that the worktables are populating correctly. Also verify your settings per the following:

As Of Open AP Detail with Remarks (R04423C)
The As Of Open AP Detail with Remarks report (R04423C) is used to review information in the Accounts Payable Ledger (F0411) as of a specific date.
As Of Open AP Detail with Remarks (R04423C) Processing Options
• Processing Option 1: Hold Payment - Determines if the report excludes suppliers that have the Hold Payment (data dictionary item HDPY) set to Y in the Supplier Master (P04012). Valid values are:
o 1: Exclude suppliers on hold.
o Blank: Print all suppliers.
• Processing Option 2: Recurring Voucher Information - Determines if recurring voucher information is printed on the report. This information includes the total number of payments and the frequency of the recurring payments. Valid values are:
o 1: Print recurring voucher information.
o Blank: Do not print recurring voucher information.
• Processing Option 3: Remaining Payments - This option allows a user to specify the number of remaining payments for a recurring voucher that should be highlighted on the report.
• Processing Option 4: Payment Information - Determines if payment information is included on the report. Valid values are:
o 1: Include payment information.
o Blank: Do not include payment information.
• Processing Option 5: Include Payment Amounts - Determines if payment amounts are included in the original amount totals on the report. Valid values are:
o 1: Include payments in the original amount totals.
o Blank: Do not include payments in the original amount totals.