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Rearranging columns in a table - is this still a BAD thing?

Frosty the Coder

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Way back, under 7.3.2, I was taught that you did NOT move columns around once a table had been generated.

During several "XE to 9.x" upgrades, I thought I saw that Oracle did rearrange table columns.

If I have a table, that is not yet used in production, am I able to re-sequence columns,
regenerate tables, have serialized objects deleted and rebuilt AND suffer no ill affects?



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i've moved stuff around in custom tables before while in development. can't say I've had any issues with UBE/APPL/BSVW after the change/regentables

test,test, and test again

Abhishek Chhajer

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Undoubtedly bad idea!! Reasons below:
1) All your updates and inserts Table I/O needs to be re-done.
2) Dependent objects needs to be re-done for the same reason.


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Hi Frosty,

You can do but need to ensure you go in and refresh the specs of everything which touches it, BSVW, UBE, APPL's, BSFN, Table IO etc regenerate and then deploy. If your on an iSeries/AS400 then also delete the sqlpkg's.

And as pointed out test throughly!




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If it's a new table you've just created and just a few or no objects reference it yet, why not. I try not too.

If it's pretty established by now then yes you'd need to repeat what the all lads say above.