E9.2 Modifying table layout and table still seems to reference the old one - delete Global tables/specs perhaps?

James Monroe

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We are on tools, apps 9.2. I created a custom table, call it F55_CUSTOM. After building it initially, i realized I used the wrong data dictionary value for one of them.

For example, with a file prefix of WH, the file layout is WHST, WHSEQ, WHEFTJ, WHASAI. That first column WHST using data dictionary item ST should have used ADDS.

In OMW, I checked out the specs for the new custom table, deleted the WHST column and add WHADDS.

However, now when I view in UTB, I still see the old definition. Is there something else I need to do. I seem to recall something about global tables maybe? I check out the table and related business view, made the changes, checked it in, build deployed the package, regenerated the table and indexes. But I still seem to see the original file layout, not the new.

Any thoughts on what I may have missed? Thanks.
After regenerating the table, have you logged into the database and verified the table changes in the DB? Depending on your tools version, we've sometimes seen the regen say it completed but then looked at the table in the database to see that the changes didn't happen.

You mentioned that you deployed the package. If you log in via a web client do you have the same issue viewing the table in databrowser? If databrowser sees the changes, try rebooting your dev client.

We found that table specs can be pretty "sticky" in the cache. You can have CNC try to clear the cache. If you are on an iSeries, also look at deleting SQL packages. And if all of that doesn't work, you may need to bounce the JDE services.
I echo what both Don and Ellen recommend to pursue to resolve your problem. I would add also to delete the runtime version of global tables, (as you allude to in your original post) as well as the data dictionary runtime specs.

On a fat client they would be located under the spec directory underneath your path code. For example: C:\E920\DV920\spec:

They regenerate on demand after you delete based on the deployed specs.

You should also delete from your Enterprise server. Not sure which platform you are on, but it's a similar path for all of them. My client happens to be on IBM i which entails going into the IFS under the specfile folder. For example: /DV920/specfile.
Thanks all, I did those things recommended and it did not appear to change things at first. But after stepping away from it for a couple of hours, when I got back to it, I see my new column layout. Not exactly sure how, but it resolve itself with a little time.