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Re:Upgrading to SQL 2005

Re:Upgrading to SQL 2005

Testing for 8=2E12 and SQL Server 2005, i'had some trouble with interface in C as field's format seems to have been changed=2E But JDE himself seems to works fine, but it's only test=2E




DateTue, 28 Nov 2006 15:09:22 -0600

SubjectUpgrading to SQL 2005

We are currently running Enterprise One 8=2E0 SP22 on Windows 2000 and SQL 2000=2E We are looking to upgrade to Windows 2003 and SQL 2005=2E Peoplesoft site indicate that they have not yet certified SQL 2005=2E

However, we are wondering if anyone on the same version as us has made this move=2E If so, was it successful? Did you have any issues?

Any comments on this issue would be appreciated=2E

Regards, Edda
PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne v8 (JDE OneWorld) Xe B7334 SP23, Windows 2003 on development server Windows 2000 on production server Using SQL Server 2000

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