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Assuming OW services are running, have you tried a PORTTEST? Take a look also
at your JDE.INI in the B7332SYS. Look at the sections DB SYSTEM SETTINGS and

Did the system/domain name change for your machine? I think this is defined
by the AS400's Network Attributes (DSPNETA) as well as what is defined in
your network DNS. These have to match whats in the client and ES JDE.INI's.

What else???

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From: C=US/A=INTERNET/DDA=ID/jdelist(a), on 11/9/00 6:29 AM:

Hi List,

Our OW B7332 on AS400/V4R4M0 has been running Ok. We restart the AS400 last
night and now everyone can not signon to OW and got the msg " SEC0000007 -
Unable to Locate Security Server". Can anyone give us some help? Thanks in
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