Unable to Locate Security Server (DEP910)


Hello, members

I have another questions concerning failure to connect to DEP910.

The problem has occurred as a result of changing host-name and IP for both deployment and enterprise server.

1. Changes of host-name and IP in hosts file for Deployment and Enterprise Servers have been performed.
2. Changes in tnsnames.ora, listener.ora in Oracle Database and E1local in Deployment Server have been performed.
3. Ping to confirm if network connection works for a new host-name has been sent. (It works)
4. Tnsping to confirm if Oracle Service works or not has been sent. (It works)
5. Tnsping to confirm if E1local works or not has been sent. (It works)
6. Update from an old host-name to a new host-name in JDEPLAN910 table of E1local database has been performed.
7. The same update process in Oracle Database against tables recorded with old host name has been performed.
8. All machine names with old host name (location) in JD Edwards have been changed to a new host-name (location).

9. When switching on Security Server pointing to new host name, it cannot connect to DEP910 popping up with a message such as [Unable to Locate Security Server] or [Failed to Communicate with Security Server. Unable to Locate Security Server].

new3.jpg new4.jpg new5.jpg new6.jpg new7.jpg

I have also attached logs.

10. But when switching off Security Server and leave it blank, then it connects to DEP910 without any problems.

Have you observed such a problem at the time of changing host-name and IP address for Deployment and Enterprise servers?

Any opinion or help is welcomed.

Thank you.