E9.2 Standalone DEMO 9.2 - Unable to Locate Security Server


Hello trying to get 9.2 DEMO running on VM Windows 10 Pro.
Have everything installed but when trying to login getting "Unable to Locate Security Server"

I have made changes to tnsnames and listener ora files to use the hostname and not IP or Localhost.
I have also changed jde ini to use the hostname and not local host where needed.
I am at a loss for what else to do based on all the troubleshooting docs from oracle.
Attached are the jde log and jdedebug log.
Any help welcome.
I have found the solution and will post here if anyone else would have this issue.
The issue was that the database tables did not import properly and this as because of the Oracle 12c DB Client 32 bit.
The key is to install the 12c Client as the last step to prevent the issue with the table imports.
Every install instruction always has you installing the 12c 32 bit client prior to the E1 standalone client install.
so steps are install JDk, Install weblogic server, install E1Local DB, install E1 standalone client, install 32 bit DB client

steps to fix

1. Uninstall E1 Standalone client using OUI Installer

2. Remove the E1 files ( c:\E910 ) and JD Edwards Registry key (Only if the deinstall did not remove)

3. Uninstall Oracle 12c client (you have to go to a CMD and run the deinstall.bat from the deinstall directory)

4. Install E1 Standalone client

5. Install Oracle 32 bit client

6. Copy the tnsnames.ora from E1local to Client Location

7. Try to Login into Standalone using DEMO/DEMO

Thanks this is good info- I'm about to do the same things to spin up a standalone for future conferences
You can also just switch the variables/folders in your PATH variable if it's early enough in your install phase/prior to data load.