E9.2 DEMO Installation : Facing issue while while connecting to E1 Local


We have install Demo JDE on our as well as one o the developer machine. On our machine all things are working fine.
But on developer machine we are facing issue with E1 local. The loading window will get disappear after some time and there is no error's.

Kindly find attached ini and log files. JAS logs as follow.

021 12:15:09,709 [MANDATORY] - [JAS] Initiating EnterpriseOne startup using configuration location (default_path) as 'C:\E920_1\system\JAS\EA_JAS_80.ear\webclient.war\WEB-INF'.
25 Dec 2021 12:15:12,938 [MANDATORY] - [JAS] Successfully initialized the EnterpriseOne web engine.
25 Dec 2021 12:15:16,210 [APP ] - [RUNTIME] get javax.xml.rpc.ServiceFactory:null
25 Dec 2021 12:15:16,215 [APP ] - [RUNTIME] set javax.xml.rpc.ServiceFactory
25 Dec 2021 12:15:16,216 [APP ] - [RUNTIME] get javax.xml.rpc.ServiceFactory:eek:racle.j2ee.ws.client.ServiceFactoryImpl
25 Dec 2021 12:24:45,470 [SEVERE] - [JAS] Could not reach security server <localhost>, null source
25 Dec 2021 12:24:45,473 [SEVERE] - [JAS] Attempts to all security server failed. [STD] null
25 Dec 2021 12:24:45,474 [SEVERE] - [JAS] Exception occured in the JDESignon.loadUserProfileWithPass():Error occured while loading the UserProfile for the User :DEMO java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null source
25 Dec 2021 12:24:45,475 [SEVERE] - [JAS] Exception occured in the JDESignon.jdeSignon() :BuildUserSession Failed. java.lang.NullPointerException

Please suggest what action is required.


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