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Re:OMW & Check-In

Such message seems to appaer when you dont have the correct rights.
To check it, you should progress in tow time :
1 check the status of your project (and especially of your default
2 use the OMC to see what is the rules define for such status.
B.E. if your status is 11, you couldn't do anything.
Another trouble should be the uses roles (if the system is
activated). You should also chechk the OMC to see which action is
autorized for your roles (be if your a 1, you have no rights).

Anyway, you should read all the docs about OMW and OMC
Configuration on the knowledge gardetn. For one time, it's really
good documentation.

Serge Viardot
Ingénieur de Développement
Division Industrie