E9.1 How to use JD Edward Rest API in C#?



Hello ,JDE List Team,
My requirement is :-
I have to consume Jd Edward HRM (Time and Labor) Rest API in .Net core project (using C#).

I have explored some JDE documents :-
Time & Labor
EnterpriseOne AIS Server
and many more.

As per document (HCM), I was trying to get response in Postman but its showing 404 error.
The URL is like :- https://servername.oraclecloud.com:<Port>/jde/xyz.maf (I have used web URL that login and working in web browser)

so my question are : -

- Is this right way to get response from JDE HCM (Time & Labor) rest api in c#?
- Is there any different URL for rest API. https://servername.oraclecloud.com:8005/jde/xyz.maf (I have used web URL that login and working in web browser).
- Is there any setting missing from server side (in client server)

Should I use to another way like :-

Web Services: Where to Get Started
JD Edwards… call C#?
or JDeveloper like that. I think it is not use full for me because i have to consume JDE rest API in my C# project.

Please Guide me and give your suggestions .
Thank you so much in advance .
Have you tried downloading the swagger.json file and running that into Visual Studio to auto-generate your proxy?