E9.2 Promoting/Transferring UDOs from PY to PD


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I am trying to understand the process necessary to promote (or transfer, not clear on the nomenclature) a User Defined Object (UDO) (or a whole collection of them) from where it was developed on the PY system to the production (PD) system.

From what I've seen and read, I need to create a project in the Object Management Workbench (OMW), add whatever objects I want to promote, to it and then process some sort of transfer.

I have read through lots of documentation on the Oracle site with respect to UDOs and the OMW. There appears to be a whole ecosystem of permissions and roles and statuses, and it's not clear what it all means as a whole. I suspect that at least a bare minimum of set up and configuration was performed on our JDE system (well before my time on the project), but really not sure what capabilities are enabled.

In any case, I decided to try a small experiment. By the way, I have the equivalent of system admin privileges on both the PY and PD systems.

On my PY system, I went into the OMW and created a project. I added one of our existing UDOs (an E1 classic page, if it matters) to the project and then attempted to "advance" the project to transfer it to PD. I'll admit, I really don't know what I should be doing (hence this post). I also don't know whether the correct permissions to do all of this are in place.

I then logged onto the PD system and tried to see if the UDO was available. Well, it's a little weird. If I go into the Work with UDOs application (P98220U) and select UDO type E1PAGE and search, not only do I see the UDO I hopefully transferred, but I also see all the other classic page UDOs I created on the PY system. How can this be? If you need to advance/transfer from PY to PD, why do they already show up on PD?

OK, I think to myself, let's see if I can access the page from the UDO design tool. Nope, it's not in the list. There's just the default "Create" to make a new one.

Hmm, let me take a look at UDO view security. So I open P98220U again, select the form exit View Security and enter my user name into the QBE and search. I see ALL of the E1PAGE UDOs I created on the PY system showing up with view security assigned to my user - on PD! On the PY system, that is true, but on the PD system? I'm very confused. To boot, none of these pages show up on my PD home page (they do on PY). It's like they're there, but really they're not.

Does anyone have suggestions on an up-to-date tutorial (or what have you) that goes over OMW projects and their lifecycle? Does anyone have information on what permissions/settings should be in place in the OMW configuration to permit what I'm trying to here? As I said, I've read a lot of the Oracle documentation, but it's a bit overwhelming. I've also read items found on JDETips and other sites, but they are either out of date (you can tell), or they don't go into the level of detail I need. It's easy to get lost in the sea of stuff and not really know what is the "right" way to do it.