E9.2 Multiple JDE Environments to support JDE module testing.


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HI All,

Need your insight.

We are thinking about providing multiple JDE Environments to support and allow parallel testing of the projects. Currently we have PROD/PY and DV. We are looking to add two PY environments, to support testing on different projects. These two environment will get refreshed from PD data based on project need. Since JDE is integerated with the third party systems , one of the challenge is to keeping the data in sync once we do production refresh else we will hit integerity issue. Please advise if you recommend having multiple PY and how do you all support it against 3rd party upon refresh.

The biggest challenge will be if your third party integrations also occur in your PY environment and if you also will need integrations in the new environments. It can be a chore to ensure your new PY and new environment data will be in sync with your third party partner's data. My place is about to refresh our PY database from PD and it takes a lot of planning with our partners.
Our DV and PY environments are connected to corresponding integrated systems outside of JDE. It is quite a chore to refresh those connected systems with production data so we only do a refresh of the connected systems once a year. We do have an additional DEV and CRP environments which are not connected to the systems outside of JDE. We can refresh those from production on demand if we need to troubleshoot with current data or we can use them to prototype something new in JDE before doing it in the connected system.
In my last position I bypassed the issue by synching most external data into JDE custom tables (hourly, daily, or weekly as needed). This included data from cloud sources for Payroll, Labor, CRM, ...
Other data sources from non-JDE systems whose data resided on Corporate servers were directly mapped as read only tables based on SQL Server views that that transformed the live data to a JDE virtual table.
Most applications support at minimum the Dev / Prototype / Production environments so we could pull or map Dev and PY data from those sources as needed. Still made synching a bit of a nightmare at times though ;)