E9.2 JDE E1 queries


Dear All,

Could you please help us on given below JDE E1 queries.

  1. In OMW i have created object in higher environment, If I demote this will the Object work in lower environment?
  2. Few objects are failed in promotion during Build and deployment window. What actions we need to take?
  3. What are the differences between XE,8.12,9.2 Package build and deployment?
  4. Can i have the same JDE batch server for different global reasons? explain?
  5. Do you know any third party Security and scheduler tools?
  6. How do we check Event status in RTE?
  7. What is blocking session in database? how do we resolve it?
  8. How can we troubleshoot BSSN failures in a package build?
  9. What is Tools release ? How it different from Application release?
  10. What is blocking session in database? how can we resolve it?
Could you please help us on above queries how can we provide answers.
Hi Rajesh Like Larry said, it's obvious that you need someone with knowledge to work with you on those questions. A forum like this is great if you're stuck on a single specific issue and want to check what others have done in good faith, but your questions make it look like you're starting at zero and need someone to spend quite a few hours from the basics. If a question or series of questions would take more than half an hour for a reasonable person to answer, it might be a good sign that you should bring in a consultant. Also, if there's a question so basic that a google search would turn up the answer within a few minutes, you might find people less inclined to help out. I see a few of those on your list.

Hope that's helpful!