P4312 Run receipts in Proof mode???


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We are using JD Edwards E1 8.11SP1 and have a third party warehouse system for receiving goods at a specific warehouse. The receipts are interfaced into JDE in batch mode. That process runs after the receipts were done at the warehouse. We have many scenarios where the interface fails to update JDE due to genuine errors such as missing standard cost, AAI not setup, PO line not at right status etc. We would like to be able to catch these errors and prepare POs for receiving much before the goods arrive at the warehouse. In other words, we want to run a report regularly performing all checks P4312 would do on open POs and send to business to make corrections/setups in JDE. This will help reduce the inventory discrepancies we face due to receipts stuck in the interface. Essentially, we need to run P4312 in Proof mode! Is it something that is possible? Have anyone done something similar? Ship Confirm P4205 has a processing option that can be used to prevent inventory update, but I didn't find anything like that on P4312.

Please provide your thoughts.

Yes you just need to make sure that you add a step in the interface process to validate the data (using the fields you mentioned as well as any others that typically generate a JDE error message) and have a report generated that discloses any errors found. This can be referenced as the "proof" you mentioned. Any noted errors can then be corrected before the interface is run in "final" mode.
Thanks for the feedback.

I was hoping for some vanilla method of checking for these receiving errors. Can P4312 be run in proof mode? If not, is there some other vanilla JDE program that could do that?

I would rather not rewrite the receipt program (there are master bsfns that would have to be replicated) to do all the checks while not updating the system.

I do not believe that P4312 can be run in "proof" mode. But you might create an additional status code for error verification that can act as the proof.
You don't mention what process you are using to interface the receipts. If it is R47071, that has the ability to run in Proof mode, via the processing options.
Based upon the information provided I asserted that JDE EDI functionality, in this instance R47071 was not employed in this solution since that batch application calls a version of P4312 and I deduced that a custom interface was written for this requirement.
Yes, we have a custom interface that calls DSI NER ND3N4312 to perform the JDE receipts. R47071 will not help here, though it was a good suggestion.
I guess there is no standard report to check the PO readiness for receipt.

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