Re: Multiple calls to print invoices


Re: Multiple calls to print invoices

Hi Debra,

Sounds like the file pointer is not being reset after each call. Do you have
any overrides in your CL or has J42565 been modded in any way?

Ron Tuohy

>We are using A7.3 cume 11. In one of my customized programs, I am having
>trouble with a CL that uses a loop to call our standard print invoices as
>many times as needed. I use CALL J42565 ('P42565' 'xxxxx'), where xxxxx is
>our standard dreamwriter version. The invoices will be produced the first
>time, but will not be produced after that. If I get out of the CL program
>after the failure to invoice and submit the invoice program using the same
>dreamwriter version as in the CL, the invoices are produced.
>We are currently using data from our UPS computer for freight information.
>We input our order number and pick slip number into the UPS machine when
>shipping a package. We then take the data, create a freight record as
>and change the status codes to indicate confirm shipment as the last status
>and print invoices as the next status for all the line items on the pick
>slip. Since we need an invoice for each pick slip, and we might create
>multiple pick slips in one day for one order, when we are ready to change
>the status codes and create freight information, we determine if the same
>order for a different pick slip has already been marked for invoicing. If
>we set a flag indicating that we need multiple invoice runs. When we are
>know with our freight routine for non-duplicates, we call our standard
>invoices (CALL J42565 ('P42565' 'xxxxx'), where xxxxx is our standard
>dreamwriter version), then our update customer sales and then post invoices
>to G/L. As this part of the CL is a loop, we again create freight, change
>status, etc. The idea is that this routine is done until we only have all
>the non-duplicate orders marked. At this time, end the CL and then run our
>standard end of day invoicing through SLEEPER.
>Can anyone shed light on why multiple calls to invoicing in a CL does not
>Debra Ferry
>Kings Electronics
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