A9.2 EDIFACT to JDE world mapping



I've been using this forum quite a lot for ressources and I just created my account, hoping that you'll be able to provide some help and I didn't get much information from the search.

We're running on JDE world A9.2
We are currently working on implementing EDI with our customers, starting with the basics : ORDERS, INVOIC and DESADV.

On JDE side, we plan to use the EDI standard table :
- Orders : F47011/F47012/F47013/F4714/F4715/F4706 with program P40211Z
- Desadv : F47036/F47037 with program P47032
- Invoice : F47046/F470461/F47047 with program P5542565

On format, we'd like to use standard EDIFACT format.

We'll be using an ETL, Talend, to extract data from those table and generate the file. There is also a Data mapper for EDIFACT file.

I was wondering if, since we plan to use both standard, we could find the mapping from the JDE EDI table to the EDIFACT standard ?

Topic is similar to this one on JDE1 : https://www.jdelist.com/community/threads/edifact.39201/

Any recommandation would be welcomed :)

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