E9.2 Pay Term Discounts Not Applied to Non Inventory sales orders


We have a custom order type "SM" that is used for Manual Invoicing. The order activity rules are very simple, create->print->sales update. It's a non inventory transaction. We have noticed that customers with payment term discounts do not receive their discount for these transactions. Any insight as to why that might be? Or how we can change that?

We are invoicing regular stock items. Stock Type = P Line type = S. The accounting department is using this transaction type for reasons like "We invoiced the wrong Bill To account, rebilling to the correct account". They create a non-inventory credit for the Bill To that was incorrectly charged, them create this SM transaction to bill the correct account. The pay terms on the SM order type seem normal, i.e. "1% 10, Net 30" but there is no 1% discount available in the customer ledger any time after the invoice has been issued.

Thanks again!
The AR MBF (P03B0011) has a processing option that can be used change the way the credit memo due date works - option 5 on the defaultsa tab.