New terms codes causing invoice lines to split

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We implemented two, SIMPLE, terms codes are are running into unexpected results.
The codes were added are "1% 10, net 30" and "2% 10, net 30".

The "number of split" on the terms codes definitions is populated as "1".
The terms that we are moving away from also have "split" set as "1".

These were created as we are moving away from "1% 10th, Net 30"; "2% 10th, Net 30"; "1% 25th, net 30"; and "2% 25th, net 30".
The 10th and 25th being controlled by "Advanced Payment Terms" and "Due Date Rules"
(which I had never used, but are pretty cool)

When we invoiced under the old terms codes, lines would not split and all lines would have the same discount due date,
regardless of whether the (Sales Detail) Line Type (LNTY) was set to be included in discounts.

Under the new terms codes, lines are splitting and getting new discount due dates.
This is creating a second invoice which isn't what we want.

I've looked at the terms code and line type setups. All looks ok.
I've GLANCED at Sales Update (P42800) but didn't see anything glaring.
(I will be looking further, beyond a glance, at P42800.
I'm also off to documentation-land to see if I find anything)

Does anyone have thoughts as to why the new terms are causing lines to split?

This is NOT a case of receivable lines having different terms codes, which causes invoice splits.
All the detail lines have the same terms code.

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