Re: Exporting Information from JDE to Excel


Re: Exporting Information from JDE to Excel


This always happens when you try to select the grid records first and then
try to export.

All you have to do is right click the grid (before selecting any records),
choose Export To => Excel.

With the prompt for new or existing worksheet open, manually select the
rows and columns from the grid.

Click OK then the selected records will be exported.


Bladi Romero
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02/07/01 11:34 AM
Please respond to

I was wondering if anyone was having this problem.

When a user tries to Export information from JDE to EXCEL it does not come
over. Sometimes the heading comes over but not the data. I was wondering is
there something I can look into on this little dilema?

I would appreciate any help on this.

Bladi Romero
RE: Exporting Information from JDE to Excel

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I am sorry if I did not explain it right. The user does right click and then
clicks on Export and then she selects the grids that she wishes to export. I
mean it worked when I was with her. But she told me that before she called
me it did not bring over the information.

Bladi Romero
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