RE: CISC to RISC Migration


RE: CISC to RISC Migration

Jde does have a general outline on the steps to take. I did this several
years ago as a side by side Upgrade. (i.e. you are moving from one AS/400 to
another rather than upgrading your existing AS/400.)

In a nutshell
1) Order the 7.3 base tapes for RISC along with Cum 12 for RISC (make sure
you have the right serial number for the new AS/400)
2) Install 7.3 base on the new AS/400.
3) Copy over your existing data, Common, and security library to the new
4) Install Cum 12 (all PTF's are Cumulative so 12 includes 6)
5) Complete ASI's for cum 7 through 12.

There are other steps and decisions such as getting over all the general
system setup such as USRPRF's, SBSD, DEVICES, JOBQ's, OUTQ's, JOBD's, etc.

If you want to preform testing on the new system prior to go live. you will
have to repeat steps 3 and 5. Also you have to insure that any changes made
to production AS/400 setup also get made on the new RISC box in the interim.