RE: Budget Uploads


RE: Budget Uploads

===== Original Message from Ian Smith <[email protected]> at 2/06/01 3:01
>I have to help the Finance and Accounting Departments load their budgets for the first time.
We're live on Xe with G/L. I tested a journal entry in Development and was
able to get it to export to an Excel spreadsheet (so that I could have the
>format in Excel). I processed that journal entry and then added another to which I was able
to import a journal entry line from Excel to JDE.
>So all is well and good. I'm using BA Ledger Type. But I just have a couple questions. What
should I use for an offset or credit account for my journal entry? In my
test, I created a dummy object account, 9999. I'll need to check the AAI's
>make sure 9999 is not part of the range of P&L accounts. I don't suppose you can do one-sided
journal entries in this case? Has anybody else done their budget uploads
via journal entries uploaded from Excel? Does anybody know of an
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===== Comments by [email protected] (Deanna Hall) at 2/06/01 3:55
Create an excel spreadsheet similar to the F0902Z1 file - upload the budgets
into this then run the R14110 (Upload/Conversion) in test mode first with
will not populate the F0902 file but you will be able to see if there are
any errors. Then run the procedure in final mode. This will update the
F0902 file.

Thank you.

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RE: Budget Uploads


You don't need to offset a budget amount either for a budget upload or for
directly entering dollars into a budget (planning) module. It is not like a
journal entry, it doesn't have to balance, it is only for comparison. And
you shouldn't use a journal entry for entering a budget, a budget amount is
not real money which has to balance. The difference between your revenue
budget amounts and expense budget amounts is what you expect to earn and
that should fall out at the bottom of the budget comparison report.

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