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R43121 missing lines.



We found that F43121 is missing too many lines when we see in F4111 and F0911 (in PROD unfortunately). We were not using the Transaction Processing (=NONE)

First: Is TP a reason of missing those lines (we are in a High volume environment),
Second: Is there any way to get all those mismatches (integrity UBE) or any other tool
Third: Is there any "magic" program/routine/ube/tool to recover those mismatches.
Fourth: Any SAR if response de First question is NO.

We are in a very bad situation. Any experiences, and specically how to get out these tons of problems.

We are in NT4.0+SP6a/SQL7.0+SP3, OW B733.2 SP 15.1, Clients: FAT Win98.