E9.2 R42520 hard commit



We are trying to find a way to hide some locations from the hard commit process in R42520 report assuming that we have only one branchplant.
For example:
We have an SO requesting 100EA for a product
We have only one lot of this product located in 5 locations
Z1=25EA, Z2=25EA, Z3=25EA, Z4=25EA and TRANSIT=25EA
We would like R42520 to allocated lots on the SO but without using the TRANSIT location (using some kind of rule)
At the moment, there is no rule so the system "see" all 5 locations for the lots allocation.

Please not that we dont have WMS/transport modules.

If you have any ideas that can help us achieve this!


Hello, Please use the Lot status functionality here. For Transit Location put the status ( example T) and put this in P41081 as allowed group against order type SO and put this group only to programs where quantity check at Transit location is allowed.
For R42520, it will bypass this location to commit as it won't see this as available.
Hope this will help.