E9.2 SO Entry on secondary location


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Hello All,

We are wanting to have some EDI orders come into F4211 with a secondary location. The purpose is to take load off of the primary bin locations. We want to avoid the hassle of having to do transfers from primary and having the commitments be against the primary. The warehouse would like to see the orders in JDE, run a report against these secondary locations and then do a transfer from the usual stocking secondary to the custom secondary on the SO.

What it is doing is treating the quantity as a backorder. It does put a hard commit on the secondary location, but the quantity is in the backorder column. Is there a way to have SO Processing check availability across the branch as it does for the primary location instead of just that location? Even running R42118 doesn't seem to allocate the available inventory in the branch and move the quantity to shipped. I don't see any P4210 or R42118 processing options that are obvious, but that is why I am posting. I hope someone knows something I am not seeing.

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I appreciate your response. Unfortunately, we have since discovered from Oracle, based on a previous post, that this is working as designed and there doesn't appear to be a work around. We think the primary concern, will be if a customer is set to cancel backorders.