R12807 Update PM Schedule Status UBE Question

Jeff George

Jeff George

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I'm no Preventive Maintenance expert, but my understanding is that the R12807 updates the schedule based on completed dates and next start dates. According to my PM people in the past they were only seeing in the Backlog Management Work With Work Orders (P48201) orders that were to be started within the next 2 weeks. That doesn't seem to be happening anymore, but I can't find anything that would've limited it to only showing what's due to be started in the next 2 weeks. Where should I be looking for this?
Have you checked the UBE's PDF output to see if any warnings or errors were listed there? Also, check the work center of the user under which the UBE was run to see if any errors are reported there.
Good recommendations from Don.

Also check R12807 to see what the processing option for defaulting the WO Start Date is. It is most typically set to Project the PM and WO Start Date, but it can also be set to default the System Date. The thing is that that processing option is confusing, there are three fields for the different options, but you can only put a single '1' in one of the three fields for it to work properly.

Also, not sure what release you are on, but if you are still using P48201 and you are on 8.10 or above (as most everyone is these days) you are using an old form for WO's and really should look at utilizing the Planners Workbench P13700 instead...way more capabilities than the P48201.

Are you saying that system is tripping work orders for services outside of two weeks or that the filter on the P48201 has changed? If work orders are tripping further out it sounds like your maintenance rules may have been changed. Another possibility is someone has set the evaluation date on the R12807 version that runs in scheduler so that is not using the current system date.
I discovered that on March 7th the user ran the R12807 and it created ~9 pages. The last page was a notice about errors and to check the Work Center. I'm waiting for the user to get back to me with specific information about what error messages they received.
The only information in the Work Center was a message about 'Invalid Model Work Order.' Where do I see the parameter where when it determines a new work order should be created?
It's currently an ongoing issue when executing the UBE. Supposedly, during the upgrade to 9.1 it was configured to create orders 2 weeks ahead of start date, but now it's creating them about a month. My first goal is to confirm that what the users believe to have been the setup is actually accurate.
The maintenance rules (linked) dictate the percentage due that is used to trip the work orders. So if the service interval is set to 14 days and you have a maintenance rule set at 50% due then the work order should trip 7 days before the planned date. There are other factors, such as if you are running meter as well as calendar schedules but this is the basics.
JDE applies the maintenance rules in a fall through match so you don't have to have a maintenance rule for every service type/asset no combination.
Here's an example of what I'm seeing: an asset with a 30 day maintenance cycle has a scheduled start date of April 7th. The new Work Order was generated March 12th. According to the R12807 executed on the 12th that piece of equipment changed from % Due of 3 to 13 and updated to status 50 and created a Work Order, and I don't know why.
Jeff, since you have the R12807 output, is that the only Asset/PM on the report on the 12th? If so, it sounds like someone used the Generate PM option on the PM Backlog, which would bring the PM to due and kick out the WO on that date.

I'm thinking it's unlikely R12807 would spit this out on it's own in a properly configured PM unless someone had either added days to the Execution of R12807 or ramped down the Leadtime Threshold in the Maintenance Rules, not real likely to be messed with if things are generally working well.
Sorry, I just saw this post. I don't recall getting a notification email. Actually, the R12807 for that day was 10 pages long, and there were other assets that were creating purchase orders too early. I thought I knew how to tell/configure when the orders should drop, but this upgrade was almost 3 years ago when we set it up, so I can't remember.