R04572 Print payment

I've created my own version of this check print out and haven't had much =
luck in getting it to work.

I get the following error:
Unknown Control_ID in Hide/Show SYS.FUNCTION : =3D 21

I didn't change anything in the hidden area I only moved things around. =
I'm trying to get it to print out so that it is a Stub,Check,Stub. Any =
ideas on what I'm doing wrong?


This may refer to an idividual item in the ube that has the hide/show function
applied to it. It is probably missing, that is why you getting the error. Search
the ER for all variables or constants etc that have hide/show associated with
them, make sure they are all defined and exist. That should solve your problem.

Good luck,
J Boulden
Praxair Inc.

FStockbridge <FStockbridge@email.msn.com> on 05/18/2001 11:42:39 PM


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The RDA tools has the function to validate the event rules. This can be found in the menu under Report. Thsi will point all places with problem in the event rules of the report.


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