query user access rights/roles via database



Does anyone know if we can pull out user access roles from E1 via database queries?

We are looking for 2 things. The easy should be which users have which roles and the role description.

The other thing we would ideally like is the role access by module. For each role, which level of access (add/change/inquiry) does it give you on which module (addressbook/ap/ar/etc...)

Can those be pulled via database and is anyone willing to share the queries you used?

Thank you!!



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F0092 is the user profile table. It also contains the Role IDs
F00926 contains Role descriptions
F95921 is the role assignment/relationship table
F00950 is the security workbench.

Those tables should provide you with what you need - unless you also use menus to control access to functionality as well.


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Perfect answer by Peter .
To add - In F00950 , you can go by security type , like 3 for application security . 1 is for action . 5 for processing option and data selection . 2 for column 4 for row and so on .. OBNM has the object name . DTAI will have the data item for column security . FRDV can have the version or it can have ranges for row . There are fields all in F00950 for every security type and Y N etc


Thank you both. That sounds like it will have everything we need. Are those tables that you can query via a direct SQL query, not using the product at all?

Thank you!