Purchase order requisition approvals using workflo


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I was wondering if anyone is using workflow to facilitate the purchase order requisition approval process. I would appreciate any comments on how you did it and how difficult it was to develop.

Keith Papenfuss
The Vollrath Co. LLC
Xe, AS/400, TSE

Keith Papenfuss
The Vollrath Co., LLC

We started out to use the approval process for purchase reqs. It was working
in test. Not too hard. Create approval routes and put in employee ID's and
dollar amounts. But we need to have any one of two or more people able to
approve a req in one approval route at the same dollar level, with approval
by one person being enough to advance req to next level, and it would not do
that, so we shelved it. May have changed since we tried it in 7321 in 1998.
You might want to ask Mike Thompson at [email protected] .

Dave Mallory Denver Water