Prior End Balance Forward (PEBF) - Issue

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Vijayan Aravamudhan


I am testing a few scenarios in 9.1 with a company set up under P0010, using R date pattern. I set up fiscal date pattern for R in P0008 with year beginning 1/1/2015, ensured MDY in user options as the date format, enabled PBCO posting in the GL constants. The issue I face is PEBF.
While doing any of inventory transactions IA,II and IT I get this error, right at the start.
In sales scenarios, this error appears only during sales update. SO works well with advanced pricing and inventory gets relieved at the ship confirm status.
In purchase with Receipt Routing and until Voucher Match it works perfect but PEBF resurfaces while batch gets posted.
When I change G/L date in IA to a date in year 2017 there is a soft warning. Staying clueless! Any help is appreciated.