JDE date format issue for 2016


JDE EnterpriseOne 8.12
Windows 2008 Enterprise x64
SQL 2008
A/R, A/P, G/L, Service Billing, Payroll (Can)

We are seeing something very strange on our system. We have always used 2 digit year in date fields when entering data - for example (12/25/15).

It now seems that for 2016, the system is not accepting a 2 digit year. So, for today's date I would have to enter 01/03/2016. Further, when we use the calendar to pick the date for an entry, in 2015 and previous it would automatically format the data with a 2 digit year. However when we use the calendar to select a date for a field in 2016, it automatically populates a 4 digit year.

Simply making sure everyone is aware they need to enter a 4 digit year for 2016 onwards seems to be working as a work around, but I have no clue why this has cropped up.

Has anyone seen anything like this? It's like Y2k is back from the grave! :)


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Just a guess but I would assume your original JDE installation was 8.9. 15 was the default value for CENTCHG in 8.9. You can refer to Doc ID 882478.1 on Oracle Support for details on this. Also be aware of your default expiry dates on some of your master data.