E9.2 Capacity Requirements planning dates issue


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We are starting into CRP. We have done some testing in the past and it has worked so I have familiarity with the processes. For some reason, we are getting bad dates in some branches. It insists on creating messages only for Jan 2021 - Sep 2021. There are no messages, but these are the buckets. I have reviewed the calendars and work centers. Resource Units seem to be right. So, there must be a setting I am missing somewhere. I need someone with solid experience in CRP troubleshooting to connect with me and we do an interactive session to investigate.

Please let me know if you are or know of someone that could be a good resource.

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Have you checked the effectivity dates on the routings for the items in the branches having this issue?
Hello All,
This was due to not populating F33133 correctly for the branch. The date string in that branch was form 2021. Unfortunately, R3483 is not updating the table. I have a case with Oracle on that. The Planning document from Oracle doesn't mention this step but you can find it in E1: 33: R3382 Capacity Requirements Planning Setup and Overview (Doc ID 1433142.1).