B7.3 Vendor Fixed Delivery Days (Tuesday/Thursday Only)



I am looking for a way to designate the Purchase Order Promise Date (Table F4311/col PDPDDJ) to be either a Tuesday or a Thursday for a specified vendor when placing orders. At any given time, we have 100+ orders outstanding with this vendor, and we are constantly reconciling JDE's (available always) dates and ultimately involves many people coming together each week to talk about their frustration over dates, when it should involve none and should just be managed by the system.

I am beginning to think that it's not possible in JDE. However, I'm just not convinced that when they designed JDE that they would think all materials can be delivered all days always and that vendors would 100% accommodate as this seems kind of narrow sighted...or maybe this was a magical time in the world when supply chain constraints didn't exist and the thought never crossed anyone's mind.

Is there anyone who can tell me if there is a menu that exists to control this, or someone who can confirm that is it simply not possible in JDE?

Thank you,

Check out Supplier Scheduling Processing, Section 58 of the JD Edwards World Manufacturing and Distribution Planning Guide. Allows you to consolidate planning messages to supplier delivery dates and lead times.