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Hi, we're having a problem figuring out a good way to set up printing of
pack lists.
We're using DSI's software to run RF equipment in our distribution center,
and it
automatically kicks off the custom pack list UBE we have when appropriate.
We'd like this report to print immediate on a particular printer based on
version of the report. Response Line tells me this is impossible... is it?
I saw a post here previously mentioning automatic printing of pick tickets
based on
a scheduled job to check for them... if whoever posted that is reading,
how did you accomplish that?

--Scotti Whitmire
DeRoyal Industries
Xe, SP15, AIX4.3.3, Oracle 8.1.6


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I don't use the One World scheduler but I do schedule UBE's using CRON and
when you run a UBE from the command line 2 of the parameters are the printer
name and if you want to print immediate. We use this every day to have pick
tickets print out every hour at the warehouse. We also have nightly jobs
like the one below so that when the branch users come in they have reports
waiting for them. As you can see I can assign the printer by version. Not
sure if this works using the One World scheduler but I'm sure AIX has
something similar to CRON. Good luck.

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Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/XE


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If you are running Xe, you might be able to get the default printers app to do this for you - JDE added some stuff to this config to allow selection of default printer based on report name and version name. The app is the printer app off of menu GH9013.

I think the docs have the priorities on which settings take priority...

Good luck!