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Calling UBE from NER print immediate


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Hi All,
I created a very simple NER to call a UBE from an interactive, so as not to show the printer selection screen. There are lots of posts about this functionality, but there is a small wrinkle. If the UBE that I call is checked to print immediate (in report versions settings), it does print immediate, but the PDF disappears from WSJ. If I uncheck the print immediate check box, my pdf stays in WSJ, but of course does not print immediate.
I found the .doc from peterbruce "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UBE Control", but I was hoping with 9.1 there was a simple setting somewhere that I have missed to allow the UBE to print, but remain in submitted jobs.
Thanks for any responses.


JDE E1 9.1
WIN/SQL 2008R2


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There is a setting in the JDE.INI that keeps the entry in the WSJ (and the PDF on the server) after printing (including print immediate). I had a quick look at our system and I think the setting is the following:



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Thanks for the reply Peter,
We have that .ini setting. This disappearing act is new with the roll out of the NER. That same UBE when called from BV will print immediate and stay in submitted jobs, but when called from the NER it disappears.
We did find an oracle document yesterday that seems to indicate this is working as designed.

it states the following;
When a UBE is submitted from a business function;

• When PrintImmediate is TRUE, the report is printed immediately after the report has processed and is NOT saved after printing, including the report job entry in the Submitted Jobs table (F986110). The SaveOutput setting does NOT apply on the Server.