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Price/UOM Problem


I have run into a problem with my client's UOM conversion. We are sending 810 invoices and have mapped the SZUPRC and SYOTOT fields (among others). The unit price field is defined as 15,4 & the total is 15,2.

When an order is placed for an item that has a UOM of MF (1000 feet), it is converted to EA by first dividing the price by 1000. Example: If the price of the item is 345.67, then the intermediate price per Each is .34567. The total invoice amount reflects the quantity * the intermediate amount (ex. 3000 * .34567 = 1037.01), but since only 4 decimal places are sent to EDI in the SZUPRC field (.3456 * 3000 = 1036.80), our trading partners are rejecting our invoices.

Is this a bug in the UOM conversion program? Anyone experienced similar problems? They have version 7.3.3.

Ken Hood
EDI Consultant


Active Member

I came across similar problems but on the purchasing side. We price per Thousand cans but can be invoiced to 3 decimal places and therefore came across similar problems where our per thousand price was not rounded to the nearest pound. JDE would (or could) not help as the UOM conversion pgm is designed to function correctly where the primary UOM is the smallest measure which is their recommendation. We got round the problem by accepting a small variance when we match the suppliers invoice. I also deal with our outbound EDI invoices but haven't come across the problem there as we have the Uoms at the lowest measure on the majority of products. Sorry not to have been more help.

Paul Thompson
IT Business Analyst
Daniel Thwaites PLC
E-Mail: PaulThompson@Thwaites.Co.Uk