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As part of our data migration plan, we are posting vouchers with the R09801|ZJDE0002. The process is taking a very long time to complete. We posted 2000 AP Vouchers and the process took 1.5 hours. After talking with JDE, they said that they have a SAR that addresses our issue. The SAR number is 5074682; it calls for the loading of ESU JD12195.

This is what the SAR says is occurring:

AP voucher post -B0400115
The voucher prepost was calling BSFN GetNextJELineNumber
without passing the last JE Line number used. That makes
BSFN GetNExtJELineNumber to search over the F0911 and find
the last number used consuming large amount of time for
large batches.
Now, prepost calls the BSFN GetNextJELineNumber passing the
last JE Line number used. This improves post performance
significantly for vouchers with large number of payitems.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? JDE says that it has been around since B7332. We are doing traces now to see if this is indeed occurring. Also, this ESU was released lasted week, but it shows 66 downloads. Has anyone else loaded this ESU (JD12195)? We are in the 11th hour of starting our data conversion, and very cosious about loading any more ESUs at this late date. We do not want to load this ESU without being sure that we are going to see an improvement.

Tim Walker
XE (SP16.1 Update1), Solaris, Oracle 8.1.6, MS WTS,


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We changed our jde.ini file on the AS400 in the Lock Manager section to
REQUESTED SERVICE = *NONE and it helped with performance immensely. From 20
hours to 1 hour. Good luck.

Libbi Fletcher
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